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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Land Comes with a 100% Satisfaction and 100% Money Back 30 Day Guarantee

When you purchase land from Land Direct USA, LLC, you are protected by a 100% money back 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied that this land is what we told you it was, we will refund your money in full or exchange it for another land in our portfolio. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are completely protected when you purchase rural land through Land Direct USA, LLC.

The 6 reasons why you can safely and confidently Invest in land from Land Direct USA, LLC:

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  1. Easy Installment Options & Low Down Payments
  1. Guaranteed free and clear title
  1. We use a Warranty Deed, not a Quitclaim Deed.
  1. You’re dealing directly with the owner! No brokers or customer service reps to give you the run around.
  1. We handle all the paperwork to make your transaction as easy and painless as possible.

Land Direct USA, LLC is “A+” rated with BBB

money back guarantee

We stand by our Guarantee

Buy land for a low down payment.

Now you can make the dream of property ownership come true, quickly and without the hassles of a traditional mortgage from a bank. We specialize in desirable rural parcels, plus we can break up the purchase into easy installment options.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy, no-hassle transactions
  • No penalty for pre-payment

If you have just $200 down, you could purchase rural property. And payments range from as little as $150 a month to $500 month. And you get a land contract guaranteeing the property is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.

Yes, you can afford to buy your homestead or investment property-with low money down and easy monthly installments.

Why invest in Land?

There are as many different reasons to invest in land.

  • Unlike developed real estate, there are no structures to maintain or pay taxes on.
  • You can use the property recreationally even as it appreciates in value.
  • You can help control the land’s value by intelligently choosing to make certain improvements.
  • You can easily pass the property down to your heirs
  • You can use the land as an “off-the-grid” home or vacation property, or a retreat in case of civil unrest or natural disaster.
  • As the U.S. population grows, undeveloped land gets more and more scarce (and possibly more and more valuable.)


Please do your own due diligence as you should do with any land purchase. This land is sold as-is and all information provided is to the best of our knowledge.

Some listings have actual images of the property where we hired someone to take pictures, and some listings have images of general area near/around the property.


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Land Direct USA
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Cas Turlo
Cas Turlo
Ben worked with us on our down payment and gave us a great payment plan. Overall a great experience dealing with Ben Davis and Land Direct USA! Totally satisfied!
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin
We have dealt with Benjamin at land direct for close to over a year he has always been extremely helpful and has really taken good care of us! Thanks Ben
Arlene Ocgnioy
Arlene Ocgnioy
Thank you Ben for all your help, quick and easy process, effortless on my part 😊
Jim Bellinger
Jim Bellinger
The easiest buying experience I ve ever hed. Ben is awesome to work with.
Steven Henry
Steven Henry
My agent is greater guy who sell that nice lands is greater best that I bought two lands so I appreciate with him...
Terry Sue Stromberg-Bryan
Terry Sue Stromberg-Bryan
Working with Ben has been a pleasant experience. He is honest and upfront. The buying process could not of been an easier transition I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a piece of property
Vicky Morales
Vicky Morales
Mr Davis is very professional and very "matter-of-fact" in his dealings. We purchased a parcel of land in AZ and he assisted and informed us of all the things we needed to know before the purchase. Overall, we had a beautiful experience!
Jesmine Tan
Jesmine Tan
Hi, I have bought land with Benjamin, good experience..even though we are in difference time zone...he make it simple and direct. Would definitely buy from him again. Thank You
Ramon Valdivia
Ramon Valdivia
I'm buying a property threw Ben in the Mohave desser . I'll be honest I saw th propert I waned, purchased it from him he was quick about everything very self explanator with all the questions I asked and very professional, good guy to work with.
Steve Moore
Steve Moore
I delt with Ben and I must say that I was very pleased with the experience. Fast and efficient as it should be...we talked cash price and we got a great deal. I would buy from him again if the need were to arise...thanks much 🙂
Richard Gibson
Richard Gibson
I have my reasons for not trusting company tutorial bit i like the idea of owning a price reduced property it almost to good
Paul Grindle
Paul Grindle
Buying through Land Direct was incredibly easy and painless! Such a good experience to finally be a land owner especially for only 99 down. Thanks for all your help Ben!!
Shimaa Sayed
Shimaa Sayed
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Christine Turlo
Christine Turlo
16:09 11 May 18
Benjamin helped to create an easy transaction when we finally decided to purchase our little piece of land. He answered all of our many questions patiently, and made sure we understood the process. I would highly recommend working with him.
Cas Turlo
Cas Turlo
23:58 02 Mar 18
A great way for anyone to buy property! Ben worked with us on our down payment and helped us buy the lot we wanted at an awesome price and payment plan! Thank you Ben Davis and Land Direct USA!
Zach Wendell
Zach Wendell
16:18 10 Jul 17
Working with Ben was an absolute pleasure! Ben was responsive to emails and telephone calls and made the process of buying my first parcel of land simple and even fun. Ben was able to explain the process to me and make me feel very comfortable about entering into a contract for the next several years. If you buy land from Ben, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Thanks Ben!read more
Lance LaCour
Lance LaCour
12:00 07 Jul 17
Totally legit. Accurate description of property and excellent buying experience. Personal service from a knowledgeable seller with no hidden costs. Title transfer done in prompt and professional manner. I can wholeheartedly recommend doing business with Ben Davis and Land Direct USA as a satisfied customer. Owning a piece of America gives peace of mind in an unsure world.read more
Joe Bolin
Joe Bolin
02:51 07 Jul 17
I have done business with Ben Davis for 2 years on 2 land deals. He is a man of his word and nobody is more honest. Everything he has told me in representing his properties has been exactly what he said it was.Land direct USA works hard to have the best variety of land for the best price. Ben Davis also has the best financing options. I will continue to do business with Ben Davis and Land Direct USA. Thank you Ben.read more
Craig Alcott
Craig Alcott
00:51 07 Jul 17
What I can say about Ben Davis and Land Direct USA is that he's really made it a stunningly efficient, very comfortable process to buy land. Seeing his ad on Facebook after a friend saw and forwarded it to us, we contacted him, and his response was immediate. We were amazed at how easy Ben made the process of buying land. It was so well coordinated, everything dovetailed together seamlessly. After our request for more information, we completed a short application online, and after approval, made a down payment also online, then the document review of contract, e-signing of sales agreement/land contract and setting it up for auto payment. From when we were made aware of the property for sale, (and there was a 35 minute or so time lag because I didn't have my phone on me to receive the very prompt callback) beginning at 8:42 am to 2:43 pm. 6 hours from seeing the ad to receiving confirmation text that we could move onto the property whenever we were ready. Wow! Everything so easily handled was EXACTLY what we needed just then. Ben Davis and Land Direct USA provided an amazingly fast, comfortable and trouble free experience in a very professional manner, all from the comfort of a smartphone in the palm of our hand. Thanks Ben. We're grateful for your help, and would not hesitate to refer our friends and family to do business with you. And encourage others to do the same.read more
Terry Bryan
Terry Bryan
00:15 07 Jul 17
My husband and I have purchased 2 properties from Ben in Kingman. He is very professional and helpful. The sale was quick and simple. Great guy to work with. If anyone is looking for property Ben is the one to see. He is a Super guy to do business with. We have referred 3 others to him and their experiences were the same as ours . I highly recommend him to anyone looking at property.read more
Ramon Valdivia
Ramon Valdivia
23:44 06 Jul 17
I'm buying a property through Ben in the Mohave dessert . I'll be honest I saw the property I waned, purchased it from him he was quick about everything very self explanatory with all the questions I asked and very professional, good guy to work with. Plus later down the road I was able to get $200.00 dollars the property I'm paying for for being a first time buyer. Great Great guy to work with.read more
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Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Rural Property

Does the property have utilities?
Unless indicated in the description, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities. They’re perfect for a solar- or wind-powered “green getaway. A great resource to check out for filtering water while off the grid is: Off-Grid Water Filtration.

Are mineral rights included?
Mineral rights are not included. However, the area has been geologically investigated and nothing of value has been found. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold.

Can I raise crops on the property?
Yes, the property is zoned for agriculture, mining and recreation. You can do almost anything you’d like with it, including installing a manufactured home or trailer.

Can I raise animals on the property?
Yes. The property is zoned for agriculture.

Is land a safer investment than the stock market?
Some of the wealthiest people on earth got their start in real estate, and for good reason. Simply put, they’re not making any more land. There is a finite supply, and as the world’s population grows, rural, undeveloped land will likely become even more valuable.

Is title insurance available?
Yes, in most of our financed properties, we will buy for you a title insurance policy in your name and close via First American Title Company unless otherwise stated.

How much are property taxes?
The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. We will disclose the tax information in all of our listings.

Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?
We’ve simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Of course, we encourage you to hire a professional if you think it’s necessary, but we’ve done our best to make the process easy for anyone to understand.

How does your money-back guarantee work?
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of rural land. If you’re not satisfied for any reason with the first 30 days after closing, simply call us, and we will either exchange your parcel for one you like better, or refund your note payments up to that point and take back the deed. It’s simple: if you don’t love it, we don’t want you to own it. One of the benefits of working with Land Direct USA is that you’re dealing with the actual owner of the property, not some developer or shell corporation. And we want you to be happy.

Why should I buy from Land Direct USA instead of Craigslist or eBay?
Price, quality, simplicity and trust. There are a lot of land sellers, but none have as simple and transparent a buying process as ours. Our land has been handpicked for access, mountain views and potential appreciation.

Why should I buy from Land Direct USA instead of a real estate agent?
A real estate agent’s fees can range from 5% to 8% of the purchase price. At Land Direct USA, we eliminate the middleman, saving you even more.

How do I make arrangements to inspect the property before I buy it?
Your property isn’t “locked in” until we receive your down payment. Before making arrangements to see a specific parcel, we strongly encourage you to pay your down payment to ensure that the property hasn’t been sold to someone else by the time you arrive. (Remember, your down payment is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.) We’ll then make arrangements with you to visit the property at your own expense. Will give you maps, GPS coordinates, and we’ll even connect you with a local surveyor.

How long does it take to close on a property after I make my down payment?
Within 24 hours of receiving the information from the Buyer’s Application, you will receive the documents via email using cudasign.com to sign digitally. (We can also mail the documents.) This packet will include your Land Contract, Promissory Note, and Purchase Sale Agreement. Once you sign the documents digitally we will set you up on automatic payments (another way to save trees by avoiding payment coupons). Once you pay off your note, we will issue your Warranty Deed along with other paperwork required by the County.

If it was cash transaction, we will also prepare the Deed and necessary paperwork to file at the County. One big plus in buying land from us is that we will pay all recording costs and Land Direct USA is approved for electronic filing which speeds things up a lot. Most deeds are recorded within 24 hours. This is a major advantage instead of waiting for 3-4 weeks to get a deed in the mail.


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