How to use GPS coordinates

Part of business is education. In the land business, it’s common you will find remote properties that do not have registered addresses to simply plug into google maps, so accessing these listings can seem complicated, but it’s actually really easy with some helpful tools which I will explain here. You may also run the problem of wondering where the property lines are if the land isn’t staked out, which I can help with as well.

  1. How to access a Land Direct USA property?
    • I suggest using the GPS coordinates from our website, then plugging those into your smartphone, google maps, or google earth. Always research the route and location before you leave home.
    • View the interactive map on each property page.
    • View the Google Maps link on our site.
  2. How do I know where the property lines are?
    • Sometimes land will be marked in the corners, and often times it will not be. To give you an idea, you can plug the 4 corner GPS coordinates into your phone and try to walk it while you’re there. Keep in mind these are approximate. A land survey is what will yield exact results.
    • I also suggest viewing the Google Maps link in our website listing, and finding a marker in each corner to try to give you an idea. (ex. Is there a road that one corner butts up to, is there a power line in a corner you can see, is there a group of trees on the back line of the land)
  3. Here is a video of me walking through access and location on Youtube: 

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